ASME SA204 Pressure Vessel Plates

ASME SA204 Pressure Vessel Plates -1

What is ASME SA204 Pressure Vessel Plates?

ASME SA204 Pressure Vessel Plates also identical to ASTM A204. Typical molybdenum-alloy steel plates intended for welded boilers and other pressure vessels. A204/SA-204 steels are carbon-molybdenum alloy steels with a nominal composition of C-0.5Mo. In accordance with this standard specification, steel plates are available in three grades with varying strengths: GRADE A, GRADE B, and GRADE C.

ASME SA204 Pressure Vessel Plates -1
ASME SA204 Pressure Vessel Plates

Supply Range of ASME SA204 Pressure Vessel Plates

The maximum thickness of ASTM A204 plates is limited only by the composition’s ability to meet the specified mechanical property requirements. However, current practice normally limits the maximum thickness of plates made of Grade A, Grade B, and Grade C steel to 6′′ [150 mm], 4′′ [100 mm], respectively. Plates under 1-1/2″ [40 mm] in thickness must be supplied in the as-rolled condition. Plates over 1-1/2″ [40 mm] in thickness may be normalized or stress relieved, or both.

  • Thickness: 5 MM to 150 MM,
  • Width: 1500mm to 4050mm,
  • Length: 3000mm to 15000mm
  • Grade : A, B, C

ASTM A204 Pressure Vessel Plates Chemical Composition:

Main chemical composition in ASTM A204 GR A / B / C steel : A204 GR.A Carbon max 0.18, A204GR.B Carbon max 0.20, A204GR.C Carbon max 0.23; Manganese max 0.90, Silicon 0.15-0.40, Phosphorus max 0.035, Sulphur max 0.035 More detailed information, please refer to the flowing table:

ASTM A204 Pressure Vessel Plates Chemical Composition

ASME SA204 Steel Plates Mechanical Properties

ASTM A204 GR.A / B / C steel grade is a kind of steel which with Cr., Mo., Cr-Mo and mainly used for pressure vessels. The steel grade A204 GR.A / B / C is according to ASTM standard which with the yield strength of 220MPa. The followings are the chemical composition and mechanical properties of ASTM A204 GR.A/B/C steel plate. More detailed information about ASTM A204 GR.A/B/C steel Mechanical Properties, please refer to the following table:

ASME SA204 Steel Plates Mechanical Properties

A204 Grade B Alloy Steel Plate Packing

Types of Packaging:

  • – Bundles (hexagonal)
  • – Wooden Boxes
  • – Crates (steel/wooden)
  • – Special crates for U-Bend tubes with each radius separated
  • – Packaging for A204 Grade B Alloy Steel Plate EN10025-6 as per customer’s requirements

A204 Grade B Alloy Steel Plate sleeved into plastic bag individually, wrapped with water-proof material, bundled with nylon rope. Clear labels tagged on the outside of the package for easy identification of the quantity and product identification. The packaging of A204 Grade B Alloy Steel Plate is in accordance with international standards and will be strapped to containers with strips to avoid damage during operation and transportation.

Special Features:

  • Each bundle covered with plastic for protection against extreme weather.
  • End of A204 Grade B Steel Plate protected by plastic Strip.
  • Bundles strapped with plastic strips.
  • Each radius of U-Bend tube separated by a separator.
  • Packaging list (laminated) placed with box/crate.

ASTM A204 Alloy Steel Plates Application Industries

Besides, this welding-friendly ASTM A204 GRADE B Alloy Steel Plates simplify and speed up the following operations.

  • Industrial boilers, pressure vessels made from Low Alloy Steel plates like ISOP26 Alloy Steel plates; containing Nickel-Chromium-Molybdenum, they promote heat dissipation not amounting to deformation in their hard surfaces.
  • ASME SA A204 C Alloy Steel plates are instrumental in building rust free ship hulls and submarines; We made it from fully killed steel, devoid of oxidation, with chromium adding a dash of corrosion proofing from constant contact with sea waters.
  • Ducting and pipe works, Rail and metal fabricators, automotive and aerospace fabrication, etc. require being hard as nails, with BS 1503-243B Alloy Steel plates providing them with that quality.
  • Refining and Oil, and Coal and LNG Transportation pipeline networks are erected using ISO TS 26 Alloy Steel plates that manage long distance conveyance of slurries, gases. And inflammable oils through their flushed surfaces, working efficiently at elevated temperatures.
ASME SA204 Pressure Vessel Plates
ASME SA204 Pressure Vessel Plates

Characteristiacs :

1. High-Temperature Resistant Body

BS243 Alloy Steel Plates are unaffected by high temperatures, due to their molybdenum content, creating rock-like bodies. Alloy Steel sheets can mould parts that remain hard enough to promote processes at elevated temperatures, even when used in combustible industries that involve high temperatures. Cheap steel can wither away at high temperatures.

2. High Strength & Efficiency

Tensile strength of 65-85 ksi gives ASME SA A204 Alloy Steel Plates its identity: the strong potential of being a High Tensile Alloy Steel plate. Annealing, normalizing and tempering create less brittle, more load-bearing plates, steering clear of rust and pitting.

3. Flawless Finish

As suppliers, we furnish EN10028 16Mo3 Alloy Steel plates with excellent surface finishing. The normalizing process reduces the grain sizes, giving clean, even plate surfaces. Their uniform, sleek bodies allow continual flow without shocks at bends and extend an aesthetic look.

4. Longer Life Span

As a result of a balance between steel and chrome, DIN 15Mo3 Alloy Steel Plates are corrosion resistant, hardenable, and brittle-free. They are robust, recyclable, and have enhanced surfaces. In addition to not knowing age or decay, alloy steel coils, sheets and plates are anticorrosion and have excellent thermal and heat conductivity. These factors make alloy steel a long-lasting, sustainable, and viable choice for a long time.


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ASME SA204 Pressure Vessel Plates

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