ASME SA285 Pressure Vessel Plate

IBC Metal Group produce and export ASME SA285 pressure vessel plate to all over the world. We could manufacture all kinds of pressure vessel plate, such ASME SA203, ASME SA204, ASME SA537, And JIS G3103, JIS G3115, DIN, EN 10028 and etc. This specification covers carbon steel plates of low and intermediate-tensile strengths which made by killed, semi-killed, capped, or rimmed steel practices at the producer’s option. These plates intended for fusion welded pressure vessels.

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Supply Range of ASME SA285 Pressure Vessel Plates

  • Standard : ASTM A285, ASME SA285
  • Dimension : AISI, ASTM, BS, DIN, GB, JIS
  • Width : 1000mm – 3000mm
  • Thickness : 5mm – 150mm
  • Length : 3000mm -18000mm

The maximum thickness of plates under this specification, for reasons of internal soundness, is limited to a maximum thickness of 2 in. [50 mm] for all grades.

For plates produced from coil and furnished without heat treatment or with stress relieving only, the additional requirements, including additional testing requirements and the reporting of additional test results, of Specification A20/A20M apply. The values stated in either inch-pound units or SI units are to be regarded separately as standard. Within the text, the SI units shown in brackets. The values stated in each system not exact equivalents. Therefore, each system must be used independently of the other. Combining values from the two systems may result in non-conformance with the specification. 

General Requirements and Ordering Information

Plates supplied to this product specification shall conform to Specification A20/A20M, which outlines the testing and retesting methods and procedures, permissible variations in dimensions and mass, quality and repair of defects, marking, loading, etc. Specification A20/A20M also establishes the rules for ordering information that complied with when purchasing plates to this specification.

In addition to the basic requirements of this specification, certain supplementary requirements available where additional control, testing. Or examination required to meet end use requirements. The purchaser referred to the listed supplementary requirements in this specification and to the detailed requirements in Specification A20/A20M.

Coils excluded from qualification to this specification until they are processed into finished plate. Plates produced from coil means plates that have been cut to individual lengths from coil. The processor directly controls, or is responsible for, the operations involved in the processing of coils into finished plates. Such operations include decoiling, leveling, cutting to length, testing, inspection, conditioning, heat treatment (if applicable), packaging, marking, loading for shipment, and certification. 

For plates produced from coil and furnished without heat treatment or with stress relieving only, three test results reported for each qualifying coil. Additional requirements regarding plate produced from coil described in Specification A20/A20M. If the requirements of this specification are in conflict with the requirements of Specification A20/A20M, the requirements of this specification shall prevail.

Chemical Compoasition

The steel shall conform to the requirements as to chemical composition as given in Table 1.

Chemical composition

Mechanical Properties

Tension Test — The plates, as represented by the tension test specimens, shall conform to the requirements given in Table 2.


Equivalent Specification

ASTM/ASMEBritish StandardEuropean NormJapanSpain
A/SA285 – Grade C161 Gr.360/164 Gr.360P235GHSPV24A37 RCI

Application of ASME SA285 Pressure Vessel Plate

The plate used as a weldable material in the fabrication of pressure vessels and industrial boilers using fusion welding i.e. the joining of the material by melting them together to form one. The plate offered at a maximum thickness of 50mm for all grades to ensure internal robustness. As ASTM A285 does not promote high tensile strength, we used commonly in the fabrication of storage tanks and low pressure temperature controlled vessels.


IBC (Tianjin) Industrial Co., Ltd provide the high quality of comprehensive ranges of plates that are varying differently length, standard, wall thickness and width and also heat treatment. In order to satisfy the demands of special applications to the industrialists, the plates are provided at custom-built specifications. IBC always active in order to cater the diverse needs of different buyers and help them to fulfill all their desires. Our product shipped to the ranges of industries wherein those are used various different purposes effectively. The product is well checked for durability and quality. For more information, please contact with us.  

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